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1.87sI don't think any of us can understand...
3.87show those poor, oil-drenched penguins feel.
3.14sOily humanoid.
2.49sAt the time of the crash, the tanker captain...
2.57shad an alcohol level of .08%,
3.27swell below the legal limit for robots.
2.62sSon, as your lawyer,
3.67sI declare y'all are in a 12-piece bucket of trouble.
1.93sBut I done struck you a deal.
4.5sFive hours of community service cleaning up that ol' mess you caused.
4.2sFive hours? Aw, man. Couldn't you have just gotten me the death penalty?
3.24sI'd have done better, but it's plumb hard pleading a case...