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2.4sNow, folks, it's time to stop that tanker...
2.64swith a nonviolent human circle.
3.72sWhy do we have to resort to nonviolence? Can't we just kick their asses?
3.67sNow, little lady, those people's asses are living things too.
3.49sAye! We're hitched up tighter than Davey jones's U-Haul.
1.65sAt ease, men.
1.07sI am at ease.
3.3sMr. Fry, I like to give my first mate an informal nickname.
3.77sFrom now on, you'll be known as Wiggles.
3.75sThe hell I will! Have you even read the Captain's Handbook?
3.7sI have now. And what's Peter Parrot's first rule of captaining?
3.6sAlways respect the chain o' command, Captain.
4.75sCorrect, Wiggles. You've just earned an invitation to the captain's table.
3.87sThe captain's table. What an honor.