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3.17sStop! Stop shooting!
2.8s- It's me, Leela. - Sorry.
3.15sWhy aren't you firing randomly into those birds, little lady?
2.2sDon't you wanna help 'em? Not this way.
3.79sWhat? Why, you're not a tree-huggin' kook at all.
3.5sLook, I don't know if shooting penguins will help the environment or not,
3.05sbut I do know the decision shouldn't be in the hands of people...
2.15swho just wanna kill for fun.
4.64sLeela, you may just be farmin' some free-range truth there.
2.05sOn the other hand, we already made up...
2.67s200 pounds of batter for penguin tempura.
2.3sOkay, boys, it's them or us!