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1.13sLois, you're just exhausted.
3.34sSomehow, you've got to break Stewie of this new overdependence on you.
2.17sWell, it's worth a try.
2.03sLois, I've got a surprise for you.
3.44sYou and I are going to see Eddie Money!
3.34sTwo tickets, won them on the radio. We're gonna have a ball.
1.77sGod, he's like a totally different person.
1.8sLike Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Sulu.
4.97s(GROANING) Oh, no, I never should have drank those chemicals.
2.47s(LAUGHING) Hello.
4.47sPeter, congratulations on taking down that monster, Dr. Hartman.
2.13sYeah, what'd you do with your pain and suffering money?
1.6sI got collagen.
2.27sHey, Lois, want to make out?
3.84sYeah. What do you think of new sexy-lips Peter?
3.3sYeah. This is your life from now on.
2.03sEnjoy it, lucky wife.