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2.37sBut first in medical news, Dr. Elmer Hartman,
2.1sbeloved family doctor to all of Quahog,
2.17sis the target of a molestation lawsuit.
1.87sThe trial is set to begin tomorrow.
3sWe now return you to Native American What's Happening!!
2.2sHey, Rerun, you see Dwayne?
1.17sNot today.
1.5sOh, here he come.
1.3sHow, how, how.
2.43sPeter, I don't know how much more I can take.
1.6sStewie used to be so independent,
2.57sbut now he just clings to me night and day.
1.37sI'm exhausted.
2.3sOh, look at me, I'm Lois. The sun revolves around me.
1.9sI'm the one who's got to go to court tomorrow.
3.47sPeter, isn't there anything I can do to talk you out of this lawsuit?
3.3sHey, I was violated sexually, and that man is going to pay.
6.44sAnd I suppose it wouldn't matter if I told you for the 50th time that it's a legitimate medical procedure to test for cancer.
1.03sSTEWIE: Lois?
6.64s(SIGHS) Lois? Lois? Lois? Lois? Lois?