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2.54sQuahog is seeing its worst flu epidemic in years,
2.13sdue in part to a severe shortage of flu shots.
3.84sLet's go live to Asian flu correspondent, Tricia Takanawa, Tricia?
1.53sDiane, I'm...
5.61s(VOMITING) Thank you, Tricia. We now return you to Robin, Boy Wonder.
2.9sHelp! Help us! Oh, my God!
2.63s(PANTING) Hey, don't worry. I'm here.
0.44sRobin? They sent you?
2.5sEveryone else was busy, so they sent me.
1.23sWhat the hell are you gonna do?
2.03sYou don't have any superpowers.
2.4sUh, I got a cell phone.
2.53sOh, no bars.
1.3sAll right, who's next for a flu shot?
2sOh, that's me. I'm Peter Griffin.
2.2sMr. Griffin, these flu shots are in short supply.
2.6sWe need to save them for the elderly. Like these folks here.
1.2sOh. Okay.
2.03sWell, I guess I'll be heading out then and...
3s(EXCLAIMS) Oh, look at that.