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1.13sAll right, where's the package?
1.57sHere it is.
3.24sSo why don't you go ahead and open it up and reach on in there?
1.63sIt's probably cookies or something.
2.24sWait a minute, there's something strange about this.
1.73sI wasn't expecting any package.
2.3sWho are you? Griffin!
1.43sYou got to help me, Dr. Hartman.
2.5sI think there may actually be something wrong with my prostate.
2.84sWell, don't look at me. I lost my license, thanks to you.
2.34sLook, I know what I did was wrong,
2.14sbut you're the only one I can turn to.
1.4sSo, I'm asking you,
2.87sas a man with no more options,
1.9swill you take a look in my ass?
2.74s(SIGHS) Despite everything that's happened,
3.24sI suppose I can't ignore my Hippocratic oath.
1.53sAll right, drop your pants.