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2.83syou might as well push down on the old plunger there.
1.37sYou're a monster.
3.44sYou know what was a monster? Frampton Comes Alive, 1976.
2.37sIs there anyone you knew who didn't have that record?
2.87sI don't think so. Bam! All right, have a good winter.
2.44s(SIGHS) Very well, Mr. Griffin, you got your flu shot.
1.77sNow, if you'll just sign here.
1.6s- Well, this is odd. - What?
3.94sWell, you're 42 years old and it says here you've never had a prostate exam.
2.6sNo, but I've had other exams. Like that one in college.
2.03sDamn it, this is too hard!
3sHere's what I think of your test, Mr. Teacher.
4.17sYou just stood up to me. Congratulations. That was the test.
8.84s(GASPS) Heaven helps the man who fights his fear Yeah!