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1.53sNothing, there was...
1.47sWell, it's like if you were...
1.53sForget it. It's nothing, Meg.
2.2sHello, I'm Tom Tucker. And I'm Diane Simmons.
1.63sAt the top of the news,
1.87sQuahog is suffering its worst heat wave in a century.
3.7sThat's right, Diane. We now go live to Ollie Williams with the black-you weather report.
1.2sHow are you beating the heat, Ollie?
0.8sSwimming hole!
1.53sThanks, Ollie.
5.34sIn other news, Quahog will be experiencing rolling blackouts to help meet Superstore USA's extensive power demands.
4.34sOh, in fact, Channel Five has just received this message from the Electric Company.
3.6sHey, you guys!
3.27sWe're gonna turn it on
3.17sWe're gonna bring you the power