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3.37sYou know, Peter, maybe Meg having her own car isn't such a bad idea.
1.2sYeah, I guess so.
2.23sI have been trying to get a sewing machine for months,
2.47sbut she gets a freaking car just like that!
1.33sI hate this place.
1.2sLook at all these Hummers.
2.14sWhat kind of jerk would drive one of those?
1.37sDude, this car kicks ass,
3.44sand I can watch Madagascar while I'm driving!
1.6sWhat kind of music do you like, Gloria?
2.97sHippo-hop. Woohoo! Yeah, baby!
2.5sDude, those animals are so fucking funny,
2.27sthey make me want to merge without looking!
1.83sYeah! Rumsfeld!
1.6sHi, there, can I help you folks?
3.14sYeah, my daughter's looking for a car that goes with her personality.
2.77sYes, are the new bulimic-cutting mobiles in yet?
1.83sThis is a 1996 sedan.
3.14sExcellent gas mileage, air bags and AM-FM cassette.
2.37sI love it! Dad, this is the car.
1.67sHang on a second, Meg.
1.33sWhat can you tell me about this one?