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2.93sDon't worry, Brian. I think I've got an idea.
1.2sBOTH: Uh-huh.
1.73sOh, yeah!
2.44sExcuse me, can you tell me where I can find assault rifles?
1.07sAisle six.
2.07sHow about a list of known local homosexuals?
1.2sAisle four.
1.77sMeg, you're doing a great job.
2.97sIn fact, I'm promoting you to assistant manager.
3.3sReally? Oh, my God! Thank you so much.
4.24sNow, your first responsibility is to fire that employee.
2.74sBoy, I'm a little chilly. I hope no one notices.
1.3sBut that's my dad.
2.6sWhat's more important to you, your job or your family?
1.53sAnd don't pick the obvious one.
2.6sOh, hey, guys. I was just catching up on some plunger nipples.
2.37sGo on, Meg. What are you waiting for?
2sDad, I'm sorry I have to say this,
6.31sbut you're a fat-ass who's completely incapable of performing the simplest tasks,