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1.3sHow will that cool you off?
1.83sGod, it's awful in here.
2.9sThis is even worse than getting herpes from a toilet seat.
2.33sJoanie, it's me.
1.23sOh, hey!
2.5sYou know, I had such a great time with you last night.
2.37sListen, there's something I have to tell you.
1.53sI just got back from the doctor.
1.5sI have herpes.
1.77sI think you should get yourself checked out.
0.93sOh, my God.
1.8s- Will you stay? - What?
2.97sWill you stay with me even knowing that I have herpes?
2.03sYes, I will.
1.67s- Joanie? - Yeah?
1.43sI don't have herpes.
1.87sI just needed to know that you'd stay.
1.8sYou say
7.94sI only hear what I want to I've had it. The only place in town that's got power is Superstore USA while the rest of us are left to bake in the heat.
2.54sThere's gotta be something we can do to take that place down.
2.93sDon't worry, Brian. I think I've got an idea.
1.2sBOTH: Uh-huh.