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3.74sOh, right, right. Right, because of my penis.
2.94sYeah, that's--that's-- that's fantastic.
2.7sLois, Brian won't take me to the park.
2.5sThen he talked about his ding-dong.
2.57sLois. Lois!
1.67sDamn it, woman! Pay attention to me!
2.63sOw! Stewie, that's not nice.
1.73sDon't grab Mommy's pants like that.
1.47sYou could really hurt her.
1.9sYes. Yes, I could, couldn't I?
2.03sI could hurt Mommy.
5.17sShame on us, Rupert. How dare we succumb to boredom while that wretched woman continues to breathe?
2.9sShe must be destroyed. With Lois out of the way,
3.77sI could finally focus on my life's ambition of taking pictures of Madison County.
2.9s(SIGHS) Let's go back and take a bath.
1.9sYeah. How about you go back and take a bath?
2.3sGriffin, have you filed those shipping reports yet?
2sAngela, Angela, come here. Check this out.
2.24sLook at what this chick is doing to this polar bear.
2.2sWait, wait...
2.9sWait, wait, wait. It's coming up.