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2.84sListen, things here aren't working out anymore.
1.3sAnd I was just... I was wondering,
2.5scan I come live with you and Janet for a while?
2.7sOh, wow, kiddo. You know, I'd love that,
3.27sbut I don't know if now is the best time. Maybe next year, okay?
1.4sI'll see you Friday night.
1.67sTell your mother I sent the check.
1.47sSo, where were we?
2.27sRight about here.
3.87s- Ah, come on, baby, it's my birthday. - No.
4.9sAll I'm saying is that you just need to find an activity that you and Stewie can share.
3.17sPeter, can you reach that box of rice?
1.6s(EXCLAIMING) Oh, sorry, Lois.
3.34s(LAUGHING) Oh, that rice got you, bitch.
1.33sHey, Stewie's laughing.
2sHey, you think that's funny? Hey, you like that?
2sHey, Lois, you want some beans with that rice?