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1.43sI have an announcement to make.
3.04sDon't you do it. Don't you lose a single pound.
2.37sI don't care what those Hollywood image-makers say.
1.3sBig women are sexy.
3.94sI wanted to tell you that Opie will not be receiving Employee of the Month,
1.77sbecause he's being promoted.
2.2sOh, yes! That means I'm Employee of the Month.
3.5sNo, you're not, Griffin. I'm giving it to Soundwave.
2.4sSo, I can just put my stuff anywhere?
2.94sMy wife, Denise. We met in a Christian chat room.
2.23sPeter, we need to talk about your son.
2.1sThe fat one or the funny-looking one?
2sDad called you fat.
1.6sStewie's really been acting out lately.
2.64sAnd, I think it's 'cause he's not spending enough time with you.
2.23sIt's time that you take an interest in your son.
3.64sStarting today, I want you to spend more time with Stewie.