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1.8sCould it be some kind of book?
1.99sWell, yes and no.
0sMostly no.
4.1sYou were supposed to get her that stupid diary!
4.44sBut it's a personalized video about my favorite little star...
1.63sLisa Simpson.
2.3sWell, this could be fun.
2.47sLet's watch it.
2.56sw'w' f Computerized Piano f
2.37sf Female Announcer] Howdy, partners. My name is Sheriff-
1.47sf Homer's Voice f Lisa Simpson.
2.26sf A nnouncer] i sure am hungry for my favorite food-
0.74sf Homer's Voice] McNuggets.
1.2sI dont like McNuggets.
1.45sI'm a vegetarian.
2.09sThen you’re not gonna like your other present.
0sWhy, " my best friend-
2.23sf Homer's Voice] Maggie.