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2.67sStop! Ow! Oh!
5.67sIt wasn't easy, but by sacrificing fuel efficiency, I succeeded.
2.42sWhat was that?
2.33sA flaming burp. Does it always do that?
2.23sIt's not always a burp.
2.3sWe still have one problem though.
3sThis robot will never meet emission standards.
3.5sCrap Spackle! We'll just call it a sport utility robot...
2.37sand classify it as a light truck.
5.34sWell, I suppose the environment can take one more for the team.
2.04sWhat a fool I was!
4.3sIf only I had made the effort to develop a cleaner-burning robot.
2.74sBut I was tired and in love.
2.55sTake me now, you stud!
2.48sOh, this is all my fault!
3.15sThat's awful, Professor. Especially the making out part.