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4.77sInteresting. Maybe we should test this erectile dysfunction of yours, Bender.
2.15sNo. That's not necessary, really.
2.75sI think I hear my factory recalling me.
3.64sThat's what I get for sharin' my vulnerability with you.
2.67sCalling all scientists. Calling all scientists.
2.97sBe advised there will be a worldwide conference on global warming...
2.03sin Kyoto, Japan.
2.02sI've got a degree in homeopathic medicine!
0.66sYou've got a degree in bologna.
2.4sProfessor Farnsworth, you're a scientist.
2.18sForget it! I'm not going.
2.4sI have my reasons. Shut up, all of you!
3.39sStrange. You haven't acted this suspicious...
2.75ssince I found those "ape bones" in the basement.
3.09sMy hip hurts. I'm in the middle of cooking a turkey.
2.24sI have warranty cards to fill out.
1.88sI am not just making excuses.
2.47sAll right! I'll go!