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2.57sof sudden intense global warming.
2.54sMorbo is pleased, but sticky.
3.2sThe scorching heat has melted the polar ice caps,
2.95scausing floods of biblical proportion.
2.67sThey called me crazy for building this ark!
3.74sYou are crazy! You filled it with same-sex animal couples!
4.17sHey, there are parts of the Bible I like and parts I don't like!
3.1sDirect your pity now to the African turtles,
4.02sseen here migrating to cooler homes in Holland.
4.14sThat poor turtle.
2.1sBender, are you crying?
2.4sUh, no. Never.
5.47sMorbo wishes these stalwart nomads peace amongst the Dutch tulips.