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2.07sOh, God, it hurts!
2.94sPretty soon, Earth is chockful of Sunbeams,
3.07stheir rotting corpses heating our atmosphere.
3.2sHow do we get rid of the "gweenhouse gwasses"?
2.69sFortunately, our handsomest politicians...
3.95scame up with a cheap, last-minute way to combat global warming.
2sEver since 2063,
4.77swe simply drop a giant ice cube into the ocean every now and then.
3.09sjust like Daddy puts in his "dwink" every morning.
2.17sAnd then he gets mad.
3.5sOf course, since the greenhouse gases are still building up,
3.85sit takes more and more ice each time,
2.74sthus solving the problem once and for all.
2.1s- But-- - Once and for all!