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4.27sDo you want to dance? No. I'm not really in the--
3.74sYou know you want to.
2.2sPer your orders, I modified my mirror...
3.8sto fire a colossal electromagnetic pulse at the Galapagos.
3.75sEvery robot will be instantly and painfully terminated.
2.02sNow for your part of the bargain.
2.34sAh-roo, very well.
2.64sAgnew, you belong to Wornstrum now.
2.1sI'll say good-bye now.
3sThere ain't no turtles where Daddy's goin'.
4.35sDon't tell anybody, but Nixon's about to shut all the robots off and--
1.47sIt's a trap!
3.87s- We're gonna die! - We're all going to the great beyond!
2.74sNixon's not bringin' the smokes!