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2.19sWell, time to go to work.
2.14sDad, I wouldn't go outside if I were you.
3.05sDon't worry, boys. He's gotta come out of there sometime.
4.09sThe next exhibit in our ghoulish gallery is entitled--
2.02sthe "School Bus"?
4.04sOh! Oh! They must mean the "Ghoul Bus."
2.9sNope. It says right there, "School Bus."
3.29sWell, there's nothing scarier than having to go to school.
3.39sHey, Bart, look! Krusty trading cards!
2.75sThe long-awaited Eighth Series!
2.85s"Krusty visits relatives in Annapolis, Maryland."
2.49s"Krusty poses for trading card photo."
4.04sHmm. He seems to be running a little low on ideas.
1.82sWell, at least you got the gum.
2.47sOww! I cut my cheek!