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0.47sHey, listen, I did a favor for you.
1.8sYes, master.
4.2sjohn Wilkes Booth. Blackbeard the Pirate. john Dillinger.
3.75sAnd the starting line of the 1976 Philadelphia Flyers.
4.4sI'm sorry, Mr. Blackbeard. We're low on chairs, and this is the last one.
3.65sArr! This chair be high, says I.
5.74sI hold here a contract between myself and one Homer Simpson,
3.15spledging me his soul for a doughnut!
5.02sWhich I delivered! And it was scrum-didilly-umptious.
2.8sI simply ask for what is mine.
3.5sThat was a right pretty speech, sir.
2.37sBut I ask you, what is a contract?
3.75sWebster's defines it as "an agreement under the law which is unbreakable."