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2.57sFinancial panther, eh?
2.74sMr. Simpson, you're a dollar overdrawn.
2sGet him, Sheba!
2.62sI'm on board.
2.42sYou haven't set aside anything for the future.
3.39sYou know how it is with cops. I'll get shot three days before retirement.
2.84sIn the business we call it "retirony."
0.76sWhat if you don't get shot?
4.87sWhat a terrible thing to say. Now, look. You made my wife cry.
3.14sWell, I see you have several mortgages,
3.47scredit card debt, no savings, and you're supporting your father?
0.51sJust give the word, and I'll cut him off.
2.98sI couldn't ask you to do that.
0.66sConsider it done.
1.51sBased on these figures,
2.67sI'm afraid you'll need to declare bankruptcy... several times.
2.14sJust look at this projection.