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2.84sHey, nobody hassles my little brother!
4sHey, no one manhandles the bosom chum of Nelson Muntz!
3.27sSpring forth, burly protector, and save me!
2.23sAh, geez!
2.5sI never hang out with him, normally.
9.56sHark to the tale of Nelson and the boy he loved so dear They remained the best of friends for years and years and years What are they saying?
0.5sI'm not sure.
2.6sI thought you said you could read lips.
2.72sI assumed I could. It's no use, Milhouse.
2.9sIf we're gonna find that lemon tree, I've got to go undercover.
2.6sWhat I need is a new face.
3.15sYou leave that to the baron and me.
2.74sHello, there, fellow Shelbyvillians.
2.62sWait a minute. If you're from Shelbyville,