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2.57sIf anything turned him bad, it's that time...
2.79syou let him wear a bathing suit instead of underwear.
2.92sAnd let's not forget your little speech.
3.17sIsn't there anything we can do? Yes, there is!
2.62sCome on, everybody. Let's go into Shelbyville...
2.57sand get those kids back ourselves!
2.87sI got an R.V. we can use-- Flanders's!
1.47sLet's do it!
2.2sWell, okay. But just go a little bit easy on it.
3.9sPile in, everybody! No time to wipe your feet!
2.1sOkay, piglet, start squealing!
2.44sWhere'd you get the lemons for this lemonade?
2.04sUh, this is Country Time lemonade mix.
3.44sThere's never been anything close to a lemon in it. I swear!