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0.3sOh, boy.
2.9sI've got a lot to learn before that license test.
2.07sDon't worry, Mom. We'll help you study.
2.43sOf course, we'll have to cut back on our own homework.
3.87sWhat in the heck is a dwelling?
4.1sSo, you're married, and you're looking for your first house, Mr. and Mrs.--
1.95s- Superman. - Oh!
2.9sDon't listen to my husband. He's just an idiot.
3.99sI'm a veterinarian, and I need to keep lots of sick animals in my house.
2.65sIs that permitted? Not in my damn house.
2.59sWell, this neighborhood is zoned R-3,
3.77swhich allows dogs, cats, phone-answering monkeys...
3.24sand, oh--
3.37sI'll never memorize all this.