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2.27sYou're all terrible and incompetent.
2.14sI resent that.
2.5sWait, I found a loophole in the mortgage.
3.14sIf we actually pay it, we can keep the building.
3.45sWe just need $11 million.
1.75sAnd boned.
3.7sI suppose there's nothing left to do but move out.
4.1sLeela, Amy, pack us a lunch for our new lives under the bridge,
3.29swhile us men reminisce and smoke some stogies.
4.27s(MEN EXCLAIM IN AGREEMENT) We are not packing lunches, you walking beer commercials.
2.67sIt was you men who drove this company into the ground.
2.45sRemember Fry's idea to offer free delivery?
1.48sIt got us a lot of customers.
1.85sWe're a delivery company!