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1.03s- Should i? - Yeah.
1.07sI--i can't. J--Just say it.
1.83sUh, How far can you get this banana down--
2.53sI can't say it. She's looking right at me.
1.8sPeter, what the hell is this about?
2.9sI'll tell you what it's about. It's about you and Ross Fishman!
1.35sI saw you with him the other day,
1.43sbreaking the 5th commandment!
2.59sCongress passes these things for a reason, Lois!
3.04sOh, That's it! Peter, you're suffocating me with your jealousy.
3.14sI can't take it anymore. I'm calling a marriage counselor.
3.04sI mean, I can't even have coffee with a friend without you freaking out!
1sWhat is your problem?
1.65sYou want to know what my problem is?
3.35sYou want to know what my problem is? I love too much!
1.28sPeter, What are you talking about?
1.65sDon't you see, Lois? We're alive!
1.27sPeter, you're scaring me!
2.77sGood! Embrace the fear! Dance with me, Lois!
1.6sDance the dance of lifE!
2.1sYEah, Maybe you should call that marriage counselor.
4.3sMr. and Mrs. Griffin, I have reviewed your situation and I have a suggestion.
1.68sWe're willing to do whatever it takes.
2.57sI'd like to put video cameras in every room of your house,