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3.17sUh, you know, Just on weekends to help pay for her mom's dialysis?
1.43sAs in my fantasy?
1.2sUh, You know what?
1.6sLet's just start over. Hi, I'm Quagmire.
1.6sI wish I knew what she was saying.
1.64sI think I can help.
2.43sAh, Your wife and children are beautiful.
3.24sIt's so good to catch up, Ross. I'm glad I called.
1.2sI'm glad you did, too.
1.93sSo, Was your husband ok with you coming here?
3.54sUh, Yes, he turned out to be just fine with it.
3.7sAll right. Let's see what we can pick up.
1.6sPlease don't spiT in my eggs.
2.12sPlease don't spit in my eggs. Please don't spit in my eggs.
3.64sThank you for the eggs! God, I hope he didn't spit in my eggs!
2.32sHey, Doug. I just spit in that guy's eggs.
1.47sOur armies are ready.
5.89sSoon it will be time to leave the sewers and strike back at the humans in the overworld.
3.14sI'm glad we both found someone to make us happy.
1.57sI really enjoy being with you, Ross.
1.53sI'm having a great time.
1.95sOh, my God! That's who that is.
2.27sRoss Fishman, Lois's old boyfriend.