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1.57sHey, JoE! The van's gone!
5.34sNO, no. It's got a cloaking device that disguises it as 2 homeless guys fighting over a wedge of cheese.
3.2sHey, Peter, isn't that Lois over there in that diner?
2.2sNah, What would Lois be doing at a diner? I already ate.
1.72sTake a look.
2.72sOh, my God! That is Lois! Why the hell would she--
1.83sWhoa! I can see your skin cells!
3.2sOh, hey, I saw your picture on the cover of Scientific American. You looked great.
2.07sOh, Please! Where my eyes are, like, half-closed?
2.17sGod! Just take the damn compliment.
2.32sWhat the hell is Lois doing with another man?
1.95sIs it possible she's a whore?
3.17sUh, you know, Just on weekends to help pay for her mom's dialysis?
1.43sAs in my fantasy?
1.2sUh, You know what?
1.6sLet's just start over. Hi, I'm Quagmire.
1.6sI wish I knew what she was saying.
1.64sI think I can help.
2.43sAh, Your wife and children are beautiful.
3.24sIt's so good to catch up, Ross. I'm glad I called.
1.2sI'm glad you did, too.