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0.9sWhat's your name?
2.55sOh, um, Peter, I'm just, uh...
2.43sUh, gonna go out for a few hours.
3.3sUh, So, i--I'll return in a few hours.
2.63sYeah, I'll do it when this is over.
2.37sHey, Lois, can you grab me a beer?
1.12sDad, I think she went out.
1.27sAll right. Then you be Lois.
1.42sHey, Lois, can you grab me a be--
2.13sOh, my God! You've really let yourself go!
3.24sWell, Maybe if you bought me some nice clothes once in a while!
1.55sPetEr Griffin, we know you're in there!
2.37sCome out with your hands up!
1.12sFooled you!
1.97sYeah, you sure did. What the hell is this?
2.14sIt's the new police surveillance van.
1.98sWe're going on a beer run. Want to join us?
2.59sNah, I quit drinking. I think I might be an alcoholic.
0.85sWhat? Oh, my God!
0.92sOh, man!
1.4sFooled you!
3.27sCome on. Let's go drink till we can't feel feelings any more.
4.96sThis van has the latest in law-enforcement technology. Watch.