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2.33sAh! That Hugh Grant is so handsome.
1.9sOh, is that how it is?
1.63sCome here, you home-wrecking bastard!
3.09sDon't do it, Dad! He's bigger than you!
1.45sAnd when you went to that concert?
1.2sThank you. Thank you very much.
2.79sThis next one is for all the ladies out there.
2.15sAnd then there was last Saturday night.
3.24sOh, Look at that handsome man.
1.82sYou son of a bitch!
3.07sI can't let Peter's irrational emotions run my life!
3.3sI'm gonna call Ross and see if it's not too late to take him up on his offer.
1.17sWould you mind finishing up?
1.42sUh, Sure.
2.94sYes, Yes. do you like cleaning my doodie, Brian? Say it.
3.27sSay--Say "I like cleaning your doodie, Stewie."