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1.1sHey, You want some bread?
2sPeter, is that you?
2.15sPeter? Oh, no! I can't let him see me!
4.05sIt's ok, Quagmire. We're just doing what the therapist said we should do.
3.05sPeter, I think it's great you're out with Jennifer Love Hewitt.
2.75sHi. I loved you in Heartbreakers.
2.4sYou be on your best behavior.
2.05sHere you go, sweetheart. Open up.
1.4sThere you go. Isn't this romantic?
0.95sThat's it!
1.75sYou have got to be the most vile,
2.3sdisgusting human being I've ever met!
3.9sAnd I have never been more turned on in my life.
1.3sHold on, toots!
1.4sI don't care what our therapist says.
3.3sI'm not gonna stand by and watch my husband lock lips with another woman!
1.05sNow, beat it!
1.28sWhat's your problem, Grandma?
2.65sYou are! And I only saw Heartbreakers on a plane!