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1.33sHey, How about a couple of drinks?
1.52sCertainly, sir.
1.92sMartini for you and the usual roofie colada for your date?
4.04sNo, no, No. I--i-- We-- I wouldn't bring-- Uh, glass of wine.
3.1sOh, my God! That's Jennifer Love Hewitt!
2.84sWow! I wonder who she's here with?
2.17sShe could date any man she wanted to.
2.23sThere. Made lots of room. Hey, waiter.
2.27sThat--That sign in the bathroom about washing your hands,
1.63sThat's only for the staff, right?
1.8sUh, Technically, yes.
1.95sThat's what I thought. Great. Oh, man!
2.4sThese all look good, every one of 'em.
1.1sHey, You want some bread?
2sPeter, is that you?
2.15sPeter? Oh, no! I can't let him see me!
4.05sIt's ok, Quagmire. We're just doing what the therapist said we should do.
3.05sPeter, I think it's great you're out with Jennifer Love Hewitt.
2.75sHi. I loved you in Heartbreakers.
2.4sYou be on your best behavior.
2.05sHere you go, sweetheart. Open up.
1.4sThere you go. Isn't this romantic?
0.95sThat's it!