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1sWe did it.
1.03sJob well done.
1.44sAnd We're not stuck together anymore.
0.9sThank God!
1.17sYou said it.
1.5sDo you Want to hold hands on the walk home?
1sYeah, sure.
2.1sOh, Susie! Thank God you're all right!
2.1sWait a minute. This isn't my little girl.
1.47sHey! That was my wife!
1.93stee, hee! tee, hee!
1.4sI Know What You Did Last Summer?
1.3sNo, Never heard of it.
0.98sThe Devil and Daniel Webster?
0.86sParty oF 5?
0.98sWas that a porno?
3.8sHey--hey, Don't worry about it. Sometimes You gotta do a lot of crap before they put you in anything decent.
1.92sOh, The food here is fantastic.
2.39sThis is where I took Lois on our first date.
2.08sYou ordered a pie for an appetizer?
3.2sOh, yeah, Don't worry. I'll go to the john and fire 1 out in about 5 minutes.
1.43sThat should make some room for dinner.
1.22sHere's your table, Mr. Quagmire.
1.33sHey, How about a couple of drinks?
1.52sCertainly, sir.
1.92sMartini for you and the usual roofie colada for your date?
4.04sNo, no, No. I--i-- We-- I wouldn't bring-- Uh, glass of wine.
3.1sOh, my God! That's Jennifer Love Hewitt!