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5.54sPeter, Muriel and I both feel that you need to follow your therapist's advice and start dating.
2.34sAh, Jeez, Mort! I--I don't know if I'm ready.
1.15sAh, Come on, stud.
2.5sWe've got it all set up for you to go out with our niece.
3.39sHoney, come on out here and meet Peter Griffin.
2.73sPeter, this is our niece, Jennifer Love Hewitt.
1.2sNice to meet you.
1.33sAll right, I'm getting up.
2.07sHi. Peter Griffin. So, Where do you want to go?
3.04sWe can go Anywhere except the disco. They don't let me in there anymore.
1.17sOw! Oh!
2.79sCrappy Mexicans and your glass candy!