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3.94sUh, Superintendent Chalmers.
0.5sWhat's wrong?
3.04sNothing. I just bought myself a car.
2sOh. Oh, good.
2.07sThis will sound crazy, but at first...
2.4sI thought I'd enraged you again.
1.67s- Skinner! - What? What?
2.47sUh, you're getting paranoid.
2.9sI used to think a car was just a way of getting...
2.24sfrom point "A" to point "B"-- and on weekends point "C."
1.9sBut that was the old me.
5.64sThat man died the moment I laid eyes on the 1979 Honda Accord.
1.7sI've always admired car owners.
3.77sAnd I hope to be one myself as soon as I finish paying off Mother.
4.04sShe insists I pay her retroactively for the food I ate as a child.
1.97sYeah, yeah. That's, uh, unfortunate.
2.94sWell, Seymour, I make superintendent money,
2.04swhich amply covers both food and car.
3.14sI-- Holy jumping Caesar's catfish!
4.57sMy "H" has been stolen! Oh! That's how people knoW it's a Honda!
2.97sWhat's the point of having a Honda if you can't show it off?