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3.34sHey, dig that crazy rhythm. I'm just walking.
0.52sListen, I know I said I wanted to be a dancer, but--
4.62sAnd you Will be a dancer.
4.25sLook at you, all sugar and spice instead of equations and test tubes.
2.97sYou're Daddy's precious dancing queen.
2.37sAnd you look adorable.
1.93sNow, honey, what were you trying to say...
2.43sbefore we kept interrupting with our loving proudness?
2.97sYes, our tiny tapper. What was it you were going to say...
2.74safter "I wanted to be a dancer, but--"?
2.18sBut I just...
2.89sneed more practice.
2.04sSee ya.
2.37sOh. What's that awful sound?
1.94sThe furnace? It's me.
3.27sWhy is you so down, Little Miss Vicki?
1.75sMy kitty cat's sick,
3.47sand I'd be ever so sad if she should die.
3.2sWell, I'm no animal doctor or nothin',