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2.27sThat was such a long time ago.
2.2sI'm just plain Vicki now.
3.07sAll right. I'd like to sign my daughter up for lessons, Vicki.
0.48sLittle Vicki.
1.55sBut you just said--
3.79sSo what dance style were you interested in? We have ever so many.
1.94sThere's ballroom.
2.85sOw! You stepped on my toes again!
2.2sIf you would just let me lead--
4.52s- You're not a leader, Seymour. Never have been, never will be. - Oh!
1.48sThere's square dancing.
2.35sOh, the birdie in the cage out, lady in the center.
1.97sNow the birdie is purty and the crows hop in.
2.55sPut the feather all together, hell-bent for leather. Put your honey in the saddle--
3.39sOr there's the dance that made me ever so famous-- tap.
4.42sBut I want to learn a dance I can use in real life, like the tango de la muerte.
2.73sOh, bless your heart. Let's get you some tap shoes.
3.22sUh, Little Vicki, I really think she had her heart set on--
0.38sLittle advice, don't live through your child.