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1.99sOh, Mom, I wanna be a dancer.
1.94sThat's wonderful, honey.
3.37sWe should ask your father, though. Where is he, anyway?
3.25sNow, Homie, when we get to the liquor store,
3.37sbuy me some jack Daniels and a carton of smokes.
3sYes, dear.
3.97sOhh. i remember Little Vicki Valentine.
3.77sHer perky smile and dancing brought America right out of the Depression.
2.07sWell, I think World War II helped a little, Mom.
2.1sDon't smart-mouth, Lisa.
0.62sA great big sunshine hello to you.
2.97sHi, Little Vicki.
2.27sThat was such a long time ago.
2.2sI'm just plain Vicki now.
3.07sAll right. I'd like to sign my daughter up for lessons, Vicki.
0.48sLittle Vicki.
1.55sBut you just said--
3.79sSo what dance style were you interested in? We have ever so many.