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3.94sThe only thing in show business that's hollow is the music industry.
2.14sCome on, Milhouse. You have to do this.
2.4sIf not for yourself, then for the movie-going public,
4.67sand for the foreign markets that are more important than ever nowadays.
4.14sAnd finally, for me,
1.87sthe Mickster.
1.9sAll right. I tried.
3.97sFortunately, we have a perfectly good Fallout Boy right here.
1.87sJiminy jillickers.
2.54sJiminy jillickers. Jiminy jillickers!
4.37sWe're shutting down production. Yeah, well, we only have $1,000 left anyway.
2.4sAh, there's a $1,000 "leaving town" tax.
3.84sI hope you're all satisfied. You bankrupted a bunch of naive movie folks.
3.74sFolks from a Hollywood where values are different.
1.97sThey weren't thinking about the money.
3.87sThey just wanted to tell a story. A story about a radioactive man,
3.57sand you slick small-towners took 'em for all they were worth.