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1.77sWhy would a robot need to drink?
1.67sI don't need to drink.
2sI can quit anytime I want.
2.15sSo, they made you a delivery boy, huh?
2.09sMan, that's as bad as my job.
1.47sReally? What do you do, Bender?
1.85sI'm a bender-- I bend girders.
2sThat's all I'm programmed to do.
1.6sYou any good at it?
1.92sYou kidding? I was a stud.
2.87sI could bend a girder to any angle.
2.27s30 degrees... 32 degrees...
1syou name it.
6.67s31... but I couldn't go on living once I found out what the girders were for.
1.67sSuicide booths.
2.33sWell, Fry, it was a pleasure meeting you.
1.7sI'm going to go kill myself.
2.5sWait... you're the only friend I have.
3.5sYou really want a robot for a friend?
2.12sYeah, ever since I was six.
1.12sWell, okay.
7.34sBut I don't want people thinking we're robosexuals so if anyone asks, you're my de-bugger.