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1.05sNobody sees the dean!
1.89sNot nobody! Not no how!
1.73sI'm sorry. Can I help you?
1.47sYes. Uh, This is Meg Griffin.
2sShe's here to see the Dean of Admissions.
1.38sAnd we'd, uh...
2.59sAnd we'd like it if she got into the university.
2.29sGo on, take it.
1.57sWait over there.
3sMy days in college were so exciting.
4.02sThis one time the National Guard came and shot some of my friends.
2.77sYou must be the Griffins. Come in.
0.92sOops, honey!
2.27sYou got a little smudge.
3.12sHey, you got something on your other cheek, too.
1.78sAnd this is Pembroke Quad.
2.58sOh, very nice. Very Brideshead Revisited.