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1.83sEvery time I see that lame-o actor,
1.47sI put your head on his body.
3.04sThanks. It's always nice to meet someone who appreciates my work.
3.47sWhy don't you come over to my house so I can take a picture of you in a gay pose?
1.03s- Huh? - Dinner?
3.44sI'm telling you, Dark Side of the Moon totally synchs up with The Wizard of Oz.
1.87sReally? Shannon Doherty told me that once.
2.03sBut I thought she was just being a bitch.
1.75sListen, I got to get going.
1.95sOh, God! I'm sorry!
1.52sYou know what's good for getting wine out?
1.17sSex with another man.
1.38sWhoa, whoa, whoa. LooK.
1.92sIf you're gay, that's cool. But I'm not.
3.15sAnd even if I was, come on, I'm Luke Perry.
2.24sI can get a much better gay guy than you!
2.14sOh, my God! Luke Perry!
1.05sSee, Meg?
2.12sI told you your father would explain about the article.