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3.97sIn these sessions, we want you to feel relaxed and uninhibited.
2.43sI was working at an insurance company.
2.74sYoungest V.P. In the history of the firm.
1.58sThe job was my life.
3.25sThen, one Monday morning, I couldn't leave the house.
1.55sWas the door locked?
2.92sI just couldn't face what was out there.
0.55sWas it raining?
3.4sNo, Homer Dave suffers from agoraphobia--
2.34sa fear of open areas and crowds.
1.43sDave, go on.
3.42sI knew I just couldn't make that long drive to work.
1.13sWere you out of gas?
6.46sYour husband suffers from a persecution complex extreme paranoia and bladder hostility.
4.54sIf you talk to him without mentioning Bart you'd see how sane he is.
2.85sYou mean there really is a Bart? Good Lord!
1.17sMmm, pancakes.
3.04sOh, Mr. Simpson, you've got a visitor.