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1.13sOh, my God.
1.28sMother was right.
1.33sDon't you worry.
2.25sYour family will be here soon.
2.04sThe only way out ain't pretty.
1.05sWhat's that?
1.57sDating a nurse.
3.22sI knew you'd send your father to the crazy house.
1.57sYou said poorhouse.
1.1sI said crazy house!
0.98sCrazy house!
1.15sCrazy house!
4.47sHello, you've reached the New Bedlam Wrongly-Committed Hotline.
2.54sAll our operators are currently busy.
1.55sPlease stay on the line.
3.55sCrazy crazy For feeling...
1.94sWhat's wrong, Homer?
2.37sThis place is so strange.
7.49sMike, I'm ashamed to admit it to another guy but I'm... scared.
2.03sWe all get scared sometimes.
1.93sMaybe I can help you.
6.11sHomer, the two of us need look no more