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0.77sI'm afraid not.
1.95sYour father needs your help.
2.92sYou don't want him to get a lobotomy, do you?
1.53sHmm... lobotomy.
3.09sThat's all right, son.
3.12sThere's probably a downside I don't see.
1sNew Bedlam Asylum.
0.88sLoves us.
0.98sNeeds us.
2.39sFears he may never see us again.
1.65sMichael jackson, Whoo-hoo!
1.23sI love you, man.
1.43sHey, Mom...
2.12sDad's in a mental institution.
1.13sOh, my God.
1.28sMother was right.
1.33sDon't you worry.
2.25sYour family will be here soon.
2.04sThe only way out ain't pretty.
1.05sWhat's that?