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2.3sHe's been here since 1968.
1.03sNever says a word.
1.27sHey, Chief.
3.4sIt's about time somebody reach out to me.
3.04sGee, I got to call my family.
3.05sThis is embarrassing calling from a nuthouse.
1.48sThey think I'm a god.
1.18sI could call for you.
0.87sOh, great.
4.97sTell them this is one of those places where rich women lose weight.
1.77sJoe's Crematorium-- You kill 'em, we grill 'em.
1.52sHello. Who is this?
1.77sBart Simpson. Who are you?
1.12sI'm Michael jackson.
1.37sThe Michael jackson?
1.2sNo way.
2.23sI'm with your father in a mental institution.
1.73sIs Elvis with you?
0.82sHe could be.
1.95sIt's a big hospital.
4.29sIf you're really Michael jackson who were your last four Grammy dates?
2.35sBrooke Shields, Diana Ross, Emmanuel Lewis and Bubbles.
2.55sShiver me timbers! You are Michael jackson!
2.65sCan you stay on the line while I get all my friends and relatives?
0.77sI'm afraid not.
1.95sYour father needs your help.
2.92sYou don't want him to get a lobotomy, do you?