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1.73sHoney, do me a favor.
1.65sFill out this form.
2.45sThis is an intimate psychological profile.
1.92sI can't fill this out for you.
1.25sAll right, all right.
1.4sI'll get Lisa to do it.
1.77sLisa, you like homework.
1.92sCould you fill out this form?
1.12sWell, all right...
1.58sif you listen to my poem.
1.32sD-ohh! Okay.
3.3s"'Meditations on Turning Eight' by Lisa Simpson.
1.8s"I had a cat named Snowball.
1.25s"She died, she died!
2.9s"Mom said she was sleeping.
1.93s"She lied, she lied!
1.95s"Why, oh, why is my cat dead?
2.72s"Couldn't that Chrysler hit me instead?
1.95s"I had a hamster named Snuffy...
1sNo deal.
1.58sDad, you should do this.
3.52sIt's no different than the time I let you vote for me.
1.75sRemember that absentee ballot?
1.17sOh, yeah.
5.32sOur $50,000 home video finalists are: "Man Breaking Hip."
1.53s"Dog on Fire."
2.9sRuff! Anyone order a hot dog?